Some of you folks Spirit Guides and Ancestors are starting to realize the spiritual age old question….YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID IN SOME PEOPLE!

How the fuck are you going to block your own daughter that you gave birth to on Social Media Hoe?

I said this may times over, your children are actually doing better than you bitch. I know that Bullet’s ancestors and spirit guides are like “This Bitch Ain’t gonna do shit in life except twerk and show her raggedy ass behind, so we will pour out knowledge and wisdom to her children and grandchildren.”

Sucks to be you ass Bitch!

Monkey on a deek Monkey on a deek, yeah girl we gone tho deez monkey on deeze niggaz deeks.

Diamond, keep on ascending and shining.

“In a complicated relationship cause I can’t get no money, or get my way!”