How the Energy Shift May Be Affecting You in 2020

What’s happening to the world?

You may be wondering…

First and foremost, I want to start with the fact that we are in the “Great Transformational Era”.

It means we are currently going through a planetary scale energy shift where the vibration of this planet is shifting to a 4th dimension from the current 3.5th dimension.

Which also suggests that Earth is actually becoming more and more positive each day.


I know it may not look that way considering what’s happening in the world right now, but trust me and the universe, our planet is getting slightly better each day in terms of energy.

The question is, what does this energy shift have to do with you or us as humanity?

I will explain about this shortly, so keep on reading to find out. 

In 2012, for the first time in the long history of Earth, the planet’s positive energy has slightly surpassed its negative energy.

In the Mayan Calendar, the year 2012 was the “beginning of the new age”, which was a huge critical mass for our planet in terms of energy.

And just like all the living things have its consciousness, Earth has its own, too.

In this article, you will get yourself familiar with the planetary consciousness shift, how this energy shift and collective consciousness are affecting you.

Also, you will learn what are the ways you can make use of such as ascension to manifest the life you desire and become who you want to be.

What is This Planetary Consciousness Shift All About?

Individually, this shift has been already (and slowly) taking place since 1960.

However, the speed of this energy shift has become much faster, especially since the critical mass in 2012.

This energy shift is massively influenced by the planetary consciousness and our collective consciousness.

So, what is going on with this shift in energy?

Great question.

Basically, Earth is trying to push out its accumulated negativity to elevate to a higher dimension, shifting from the current 3.5th dimension to 4th dimension through vibrational level.

To go a higher vibrational dimension, we first need to clear out our negative energies that keep our vibration low.

This is exactly the same for the planets as well.

Those negative energies that the Earth accumulated (mostly from us) have to be expressed first in order for it to be cleared and healed.

Many of planet scale distressing or disastrous events that we see in the news are manifestations, resulted from Earth trying to clear its negative energies.  

Note: It’s scientifically proven that everything is vibrational and it becomes a reality when it’s crystalized. I’m not going to discuss further on this subject matter since I have already tackled this in a previous blog post

This is the reason why humanity is facing a lot of negativity, inhumanity, and conflicts on this planet in the past few years.

Especially, 2017 was the year that exactly represented what I have just said, as we faced so much difficulties with human rights, refugees, and terrorism.

Here’s the Google’s review on the year 2017:

And this video from Box, which explains that 2018 was considered as the “transformational year” in many ways:

What Will Be Happening in the Coming Years?

The year 2019 was also considered as a transformational year due to the both good and bad events that happened and greatly influenced humanity.

Nonetheless, this year was nothing like the previous one as it is the phase that transcends our society to a positive note.

As you could observe, 2019 was the year when more people started to choose a wiser conscious decision, stand up for human rights, spread awareness towards protecting our environment, and value their freedom to speak up against the controlling rulers who turn a blind eye as their country grows in chaos.

Yes, majority of the events were bleak and wild, but it paved a way for us to build a better society.

Therefore, the things and events that used to be invisible in the previous years will likely get noticed in a way of leaking and exposing.

In a way, such chaotic events will happen more often in the coming years, considering we’re in the transformational era where Earth is trying to heal itself by pushing out the negativity to raise its vibration.

Every one of us needs to go through healing process at some point of our lives, not only to keep the stress and negative energy at bay, but to sustain our spiritual energy body and our physical body – and that kind of detoxification is what the Earth needs and does, as well.

This healing process is a very natural process of every consciousness and soul.

Healing is the process that every soul (consciousness) goes through at some point. 

It’s every soul’s desire − to be more developed and go back to the Oneness.

Note: In 2020 and the coming years, we will likely see more chaotic events to come up on the surface due to the shift in the planetary consciousness. However, understand that everything’s happening for the benefit of the future. Earth is preparing itself for shifting to a higher dimension (4th density) through cleansing the lower energy that us, humans have created through such as destruction of nature, wars, etc.

What we have been doing to our mother planet is the same as what a cancer cell does to a human body.

Earth is not only experiencing environmental pollution from us but also thought pollution from the all living beings on this planet (mostly humans).

She is healing herself like our organic body system tries to heal itself when it’s sick. 

It’s necessary for her to sustain us.

This transformational shift is getting clearer and faster every year as you can see what’s happening in the world, and probably in your life too.

What’s Exactly Gonna Happen With This Energy Shift?

This is also the reason WHY many of us (energy sensitive people) feel that time is speeding up, which is actually happening. 

If you think it’s just a hunch, let me tell you that is 100% real.

This shift is happening with a purpose to make our our consequence (our state of being) clearer and salient. 

This energy shift will make your energy statement crystal clear.

Remember what you focus on expands.

Meaning, negative people will experience more negativity, while positive people will experience more positivity. 

Depending on which side we prefer to look at things in life, it (changes) will only get bigger and greater like snowball effect.

If you are smart, I bet you know that this change will also result in “accelerated manifestation” and result in more fixed reality experiences.

It’s very important that you understand this, because this conscious energy shift is not only a huge turning point for the Earth, but also for us humanity.

Note: This means it’ll become more difficult for us to change ourselves and experience completely different vibrational realities, which still quite often happens in this time as the world is full of duality yet, but as time goes on it’s going to get rare. For instance, if you’re living in a negative reality, then it will be difficult for you to experience the things that you can find in only positivity such as love, happiness, and prosperity.

Why is that? Well, this has something to do with “parallel world”.

We Choose Our Own Parallel Reality

I’m sure you’ve already heard the word, “parallel world” at least once unless you lived your whole life in a cave.

Parallel worlds, or parallel universes, or multiverse, or bubble universes − you name it, is all real and that is how the whole universe/dimensions actually work.

People don’t like to claim what’s uncertain, but yes, you see I’m making a big claim here.

FYI, I’ve been doing my research on this matter for more than 10 years via various credible sources, so I am confident about it as it perfectly makes sense to me, from my own experiences as well, which is why I stand firmly to my claims that I state here.

But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not forcing you to believe in any of this.

Note: It’s just we don’t know (yet), since science has not fully reached its full capacity to prove the existence of parallel universe, we are still in the middle of the unknown. However, through Quantum Physics, we are actually close to proving this theory and revealing the existence of those dimensions, even though it may take more time to reveal its full mechanism. 

I can write another long article just about how this whole thing works, but maybe later.

But if you are re interested in learning about our current understanding of the parallel worlds, you can watch this video here (20 min) which is very educational though.

So where are we (you) heading?

Maybe you are still confused, since math and numbers are involved.

To explain our current situation (our world) in a more comprehensive way, let me give you an example using train and platform.

Imagine there are a number of platforms with its rails.

Each rail leads to its own unique destination, and has its different consequence of reality.

You are on a train which is heading to its unique destination, that is specific yet unsure.

Note: Since 2015, our world has begun to separate from one another and each parallel world started constructing its own different consequences in its space and time. Thus why we hear a lot of MandelaEffect stories these days since time and space are actually being more flexible.

From the overall energy aspect of view of this planet, we essentially had to choose our train that we get on (meaning choosing our direction and start walking on that path) in 2015.

Then, 2016 and 2017 gave us the chance to move to another train (deciding where to go).

And in 2018 we (our train) basically left the station and started heading to its destination.

Keep in mind that as time passes, it will be harder for us to greatly change our course, considering our energy is stronger and clearer (more fixed) due to the energy shift in the collective and the planetary.

However, at this time changing our direction (rail) greatly is still possible, but this will not be the case anymore as time goes on (by around 2045-2050 in Earth time).

So it’s very important that we start walking on our desired path and become more of who we align with as soon as possible, otherwise, you may end up living a life you didn’t prefer at all.

“The trouble is you think you have time.” – Buddha

So if you are currently struggling with the negativity and waiting to heal itself, let me tell you one thing: waiting will NOT make it happen.

I said it.

Now is the time to take action and start walking on the path of healing before it’s too late.

I’m not trying to scare you, but telling you the truth.

You should really take damn actions if you really want to change your life, which is the only way to change your life.

Note: This year is a VERY important time for you to become who you really are (being more aligned with your natural self) so you can walk on the path of what you truly desire.

So what is this transformational shift all about after all?…

It means negative people will experience more and more negativity, while positive people experience more and more positivity.

This will be salient and clearer as time passes.

This is why I keep telling you that we don’t have much time left, because energy isn’t going to stay the same at all.

It’s constantly changing just like everything in the universe.

Drop All the Burdens Holding You Back

Before I proceed to my discussion, let me show you this video first, to help you broaden your awareness on the multiverse and how our world works.

If you have watched this video from Bashar, I believe you now understand it doesn’t mean that everyone can go to a higher (positive) vibrational density since we all individually live in our own parallel reality.

There is an infinite number of realities (universes) and we are merely experiencing one of the realities that mostly represents our vibration from moment to moment.

Since you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re clearly seeing THIS energy shift in your life…

Note: For example, those people and things who don’t simply resonate with you anymore are probably already gone from your life, aren’t they? It’s because your vibration doesn’t match with theirs anymore and they have to get out of your life in various ways.

As Bashar says in the video, eventually, you will no longer interact with them meaning they (who doesn’t match with your vibe) will disappear from your life − they find themselves out in a variety of ways.

This happened to me as well, when someone whom I used to strongly believe who would never leave, actually left.

Honestly… I was not surprised at all, as I realized we already had a large gap between our vibration which caused the end of our relationship.

Things that doesn’t resonate with you will leave, they can’t stay in your vibration.

It was obvious to me looking at the end of our relationship, she was literally a completely different person, with a different vibration.

While I was the one who is happier and is trying my best to help her (because she was that important to me), she was the one who kept shutting herself out and rejected me every time I reach out to her.

I learned that you can’t save someone who doesn’t wish to be saved.

Our vibration became too different.

It was impossible for us to keep staying together emotionally and physically, unless either one of us greatly changes and adapt to one’s vibration.

It was very exhausting for each other, so we chose to walk on our separated path.

We did not speak or interact to each other after that, and it’s okay, because she simply doesn’t belong to me, to my vibration anymore.

What I learned from this relationship is that holding onto something which is not mine (my energy) will only cause more conflicts and pains, there is no happiness in there.

So my advise for you this year is…

Let go of what doesn’t resonate with you anymore and be more of who you really are.

Let It Be & Let It Go

Things that don’t resonate with you are only a burden for you. 

If it feels very heavy, DROP it because it doesn’t belong to you.

Because simply holding onto burdens will bring you more pains.

Is this what you really want? Think about it.

However, I know how hard it is to let go of someone you once loved or who’s been with you for a long time. 

But you go on, you must accept that everyone changes.

Sometimes, a person becomes someone else that they never promised to be, but that’s life, and it’s okay. 

Note: There’s no way you can’t change about them. All you can do is change YOURSELF and accept the way that person/situation is, or simply let go of it.

It’s really tiring to live with such burden which requires you an immense amount of effort, dedications, and energy to stick with.

I bet you’re already aware of that…

My friend, there’s no way that you have to keep taking them with you, you can let it go.

It’s not good for you, and for them too.

However, it’s your freedom to stick with such burden, or wait and expect the person/situation to change, but most likely you will just find yourself being disappointed since you are *expecting* it to happen. 

Note: By expecting, you’re relying your happiness on the outside. If you want to be happy, don’t expect anything for others or things to change as you prefer. Don’t try to change them. Don’t try so hard to hold onto something that is wanting to go or change.

“A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it.”Tweet

Let them be whoever they want, they have their lessons to learn in their own experience.

So let go of the person and get out of the relationship if it’s being toxic to you… because you simply deserve more.

Please relax and know it’s okay, because what’s meant to stay will stay and always come back, without any stress and effort.

I can almost guarantee you that because this happened to me many times.

It just happens smoothly and naturally by synchronicity, especially when you are in aligned with your true self. 

It’s Your Turn to Change the World!

This year, learn how to let go of people and things that don’t serve you happiness anymore.

Losing people and things will be happening more frequently since our state of beings are getting clearer every day, so is our reality.

Note: In around 2045-2050, you will no longer meet people and experience things that are not in your vibration, even it’s now possible to co-exist around people who are totally opposite of you in the vibrational level. These things and people are necessary for us to discover ourselves and define who we are, and to know what we want to become, and what kind of reality we REALLY want.

If you never know what’s like to be sad, you can’t know what’s like to be happy. Right?

Like this way, duality is necessary for us to discover more about ourselves and know what we really desire so that we can CHOOSE our direction and reality.

That’s why God created us (all the beings) in the first place, to understand itself – All That Is.

I mean if there’s truly nothing to compare, you’ll never know who you really are.

Once again, I’m telling you, the speed of this energy shift (transformation) is only going to get faster as the time passes, so the best time to act is NOW.

The longer you wait, the more it will become difficult and challenging for you to turn around and experience things that you are not.

So it’s important to decide who you really are and what you want to be or do… and choose that path believing it will take you to the desired place.

Choosing your path isn’t enough.

You have to start taking action – what you’ve decided, and that’s the most important thing!

If you think you are currently walking on the wrong path, then you’d better hurry and turn around to change your path before it’s too late. It’s not a lot but you still have time.

“You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequence of your own choice.” – Reona SaitoTweet

No matter what you have done, or where you’ve ever been before, if you are seriously willing to do whatever it takes for your dream…. and truly trust yourself, then there is nothing that you can’t achieve.

Claim Your Desires Fearlessly

When you finally come up with a decision, affirm your desires without doubt and fear – only confidence, faith, and conviction.

There is no greater sovereignty than the power of affirmation.

Your belief, character, attitude, manners, and thoughts influence how you attract things, so if you aim to achieve to life your life in success, happiness, and abundance, claim it without reservations.

It may not happen today, tomorrow, or the next day after, but don’t stop believing, because you will make it happen!

I believe in you.

The universe believes in you.

It’s your time to change your world and become who you really are.

Get started, right, NOW.

Did It Help?

What do you want to achieve the most and how would you like to grow this year?

Are you walking on the right path?

Speak your truth and express it fully in the comments below.

Show the Universe you want it more than anything.

It’s much better than just affirming it in your head.

Also if you have any questions or feedback for us, also let me know in the comments!

I would be delighted to enlighten you and help you get started with your transformation.

And if you liked this article and found it helpful, please spread this message by sharing on your social media, or share this with your friends or family.

Despite the current crisis that we are currently going through, I affirm that 2020 and the following years will bring you what your heart and soul desires.

May you continue to receive blessings and live our lives with peace, love, hope, and gratitude.

Special Thanks to Reona Saito

Reona Saito

Reona Saito is the Founder of MindsetDev and transformational mentor from Japan. As also a successful marketer, he has helped many companies from startups to Fortune 500 like Microsoft, Samsung, Coca-Cola grow their revenues. Today he is traveling the world and empowering people reach their personal and business goals through the power of mindset and manifestation.