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Hillary Clinton Has Called Donald Trump to Concede

by on Nov.09, 2016, under 2016 Year

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump is on the verge of winning the presidency, after capturing the Democratic bastion of Wisconsin and moving within two electoral votes of the White House.

Hillary Clinton called Trump to concede the race, according to sources
A Trump win would be a historic victory for outsiders and represent a stunning repudiation of Washington’s political establishment. The GOP nominee picked up crucial battleground states earlier including Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.
Trump has 268 electoral votes compared to 215 electoral votes for Clinton, according to CNN projections.

he victories are stunning for a candidate long seen as unlikely to win the presidency. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was confident it was competitive in places like Florida and North Carolina and even sought to expand the map with recent visits to traditionally Republican states such as Arizona.
Clinton pulled out desperately needed wins in Virginia, Nevada and Colorado. Still, ran into a much stronger than expected challenge from Trump in the Midwest.

The prospect of a Trump win quickly sent global markets tumbling, amid fears his vow to ditch global trade deals and brand China a currency manipulator would spark global economic shocks. Dow futures plummeted Tuesday night. Major indexes in Asia are also down.


Both candidates argue the election presents an unusually significant choice for a divided nation. Democrats warn that Trump, with his rhetoric on race, gender and immigration, would represent a rejection of core American values. Trump insists his campaign represents America’s last chance to drive out a corrupt political establishment that has turned its back on hard-working Americans.
New York is the center of the political universe this Election Day. This is the first campaign since 1944 in which both candidates are from the Empire State. And their victory parties are being held a mile and a half apart in Manhattan.
At her last rally, past midnight in North Carolina, Clinton capped her campaign with the words “Love trumps hate.”
Trump took to Fox News on Tuesday morning to declare his confidence in the outcome.
“We’re going to win a lot of states. Who knows what happens, ultimately, but we’re going to win,” he said. The GOP nominee also took aim at polls showing that Clinton has the advantage.
“I think a lot of polls are purposely wrong. The media is extremely dishonest and I think a lot of polls are phony. I don’t think they interview people. I think they put out phony numbers,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.”

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