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Testimony Time from Evangelist Denise Matthews

by on May.17, 2016, under 2016 Year

We all have gone through that terrible lonely stage. Mine was i believe 14 years ago. Since then, I have never felt lonely nor do I belong to the Lonely Hearts Club. My heart is stayed on Jesus and miraculously because of one singular special, profoundly, wise word have i overcome. Here is how it went…It was told unto me many years ago by Sister Harper our Co- Pastor she said after I stated “I don’t think Jesus has anyone in this world for me?” Well she replied, “Denise, if God meant for you to be married (right now),then you would be married (right now) and she also said, “Why don’t you try falling in love with Jesus for real, then you won’t be lonely at all!” then she walked on…of course that was not what i wished to hear at the time, I was still young in the Lord and silly in the head. I guess i would have wished to hear her tell me something that would tickle my ears, make me go bananas over the next new man in my life… that she foresaw coming my way. He would then throw me off my feet, kick me to the curb, kerplunck, there I go again… landing in a ditch somewhere brokenhearted. Silly woman laden with sin ever running from God doing the same sin to die for…But instead i settled her saying in my heart and went forward with my life concentrating on falling in love with Jesus. I began to focus on making Him my First, most perfect truest love I ever had. Revelation Ch:2 verse 2-5.. If a man puts his hand to the plow and looks back, he is not fit for the kingdom. Be equally yoked and not with unbelievers. These are the last days and we being single should concentrate on winning souls, God will take care of the rest. Be careful because the devil knows how to hook you up with the wrong people. Q-I hear people say that you praise the Lord with great enthusiasm. A-I have a supernatural energy now. Some say I praise Jesus with an explosion of fiery passion, no holes barred like a jumping bean. Sometimes I’m passionate and melt with great tears. King David praised God disrobing himself of his Kingly garment. God said He was a man after His own heart. I wish to be an excellent worshipper in Christ. You might say that when I was unsaved I collected addictions; which blew down the door of boldly going no where, where most have gone before.I hid behind a face that launched a thousand nothings. Now I am busy collecting people for Jesus. I had a lot of energy back when was lost in the world but it was a chemical energy and now it’s a supernatural energy. Jesus is everything to me. I have made a commitment to Him and I want to be faithful to His plan for me.

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