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Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 30

by on May.24, 2009, under Vernita's Pregnancy Update

This morning, we celebrate 30 weeks into the Third Trimester for Andrea’s pregnancy.  we have about 8 more weeks to go before the August 5th expectancy due date.  I wish that Olivette and Andre were here to be a part of the celebration of life, love and the first Foreman child and grandchild to be born in the 21st Century.

I will have the website posted with updates on D’Andre’s progress and birth as we get farther along in the days ahead.

New babies in the natural and the spiritual. God is about life and it is exciting to be a part of that happening everywhere…


D.K. Foreman


Andrea, Brionna, Baylie, Jordyn, and Nicole

Andrea, Brionna, Baylie, Jordyn, and Nicole


  1. JaneRadriges says:

    The article is very good sir. Write please more

  2. mm.. Joel Stockstill is attractive 🙂

  3. Annie Nue says:

    Congratulations Mrs. Foreman

  4. classy says:

    oh that’s real classy “the gay incest family” arent you a christian? you let this filth on your blog? I am deeply offended.

  5. dkforeman says:

    I’m happy to know that you were able to catch a slip through that I wasnt. And then you say that you are offended. That is why its called spam unfortunately I give credit where it is due so thank you for bringing it to my attention, now to be offended is a double edged sword since I could have say maybe you were the one who could have done it in the first place.

  6. dkforeman says:

    Classy, you are not very classy at all. The next time you want to post your political gay views on my blog, please choose the appropriate category in which the subject matter is of concerned. Not under the “Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 30” Category. That category has to deal with my birthday, not on gay incest. Also I could care less at how deeply offended you are as seeing you only provided a shot of an unethical sentence of your opinionated “blabber” which made no sense.

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