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TGIF Inspirational Post

by on Sep.11, 2015, under 2015 Year, Revival In America

Be Encouraged Saints!

Be Encouraged Saints!

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Revival in 2015: Hundreds of Muslims Convert to Christianity Amid Violent Persecution

by on Sep.11, 2015, under 2015 Year

Hundreds of Muslims Convert to Christianity Amid Violent Persecution

Hundreds of Muslims Convert to Christianity Amid Violent Persecution

Hundreds of Muslims fleeing their home countries are finding their peace in Christianity, according to recent reports.

In his Berlin church alone, Pastor Gottfried Martens has seen his congregation swell to close to 600 as refugees accept Christ, the Associated Press reports.

However, the nagging belief remains that the men and women are only in church to claim asylum and not give their hearts to God.

“I know there are—again and again—people coming here because they have some kind of hope regarding their asylum,” Martens tells the AP. “I am inviting them to join us because I know that whoever comes here will not be left unchanged.”

Martens’ Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church started as a small community earlier this year, according to a translation of their website.

Now, it’s a congregation full of refugees from Iran, Afghanistan and Syria. CNN reports millions are flocking to Europe amid the violence in their homelands.

The news site reports France will take in 24,000 in the next two years, and Britain will take in up to 20,000 in the next five years. It was first reported the United States will only accept 1,500 each year, but White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced Thursday President Barack Obama will increase that number to 10,000.

But Germany appears to be the new choice location for many fleeing persecution. Bloomberg News reports the European nation has accepted more than 200,000 migrants this year alone, and is expected to overtake its record of 438,191 set more than two decades ago.

For Germans, Bloomberg reports, immigration is not a political issue, but an economic one. Instead of stopping the flow of refugees in their country, “there is a lot of sympathy for ‘true’ refugees from Syria—that they’re fleeing war makes sense—Germans have little time for ‘bogus’ asylum seekers.”

Many look to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the reason the refugees make their way to her country.

The minister’s daughter, also known as “Mama Merkel” by those seeking asylum, has been called “Europe’s conscience.”

“Angela Merkel shows a lot of understanding for people who flee from war and despair,” Stefan Kornelius, author of Angela Merkel: The Authorized Biography, tells Newsweek. “There is no moral questioning of her motives.”

And so her country begins to fill with refugees seeking more than a safe haven, but also searching for peace.

These Muslims are turning their hearts away from Allah and toward Jesus at a rate which Pastor Martens calls “miraculous.”

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Get your financial house in order: Canada officially enters recession

by on Sep.01, 2015, under 2015 Year, Endtimes, Financial, World News


Ottawa (AFP) – Reeling from low oil prices, Canada fell into a recession in the first half of the year, government data confirmed Tuesday, putting Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the defensive in the run-up to October elections.

According to Statistics Canada, the economy contracted 0.5 percent in the second quarter after retreating 0.8 percent in the previous three months.

It is Canada’s second recession in seven years and it is the only Group of Seven nation in economic retreat. The figures are the weakest since the 2008 global financial crisis.

The data reflects fears about the health of the global economy as more gloomy evidence emerged of a slowdown in China, a main engine of growth worldwide.

Harper, whose Tories are trailing their rivals in opinion polls ahead of the October 19 election, blamed the overseas turmoil for Canada’s woes, and emphasized an expansion in the economy in June.

“We are living, once again, in a time of ongoing global economic instability,” Harper said.

“Obviously there has been challenges, particularly in the energy and some commodity sectors because of falling prices. But the fact of the matter is over 80 percent of the Canadian economy has been growing.”

Canada, the world’s fifth-largest oil producer, has been hit particularly hard by the halving of world oil prices from above $100 last year.

In the second quarter, its mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction sector posted a “notable decrease” for a second consecutive quarter, said the government statistical agency.

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Canada, the world's fifth-largest oil producer, …
Canada, the world’s fifth-largest oil producer, has been hit hard by the plunge in world oil pri …

Analysts said the damage however could be limited.

“Despite the weak start to the year, there is good reason to believe that the worst is over,” said TD economist Brian DePratto.

DePratto cited the sharp increase in GDP in June, “providing positive momentum to start the second half of the year.” He predicted a “sharp rebound” in the third quarter with growth reaching 2.5 percent by year’s end.

– Harper under fire –

On the campaign trail, where the economy has dominated the debate, opposition parties pounced on the grim data, urging voters to send the Tories packing.

“Under Stephen Harper, this has been Canada’s lost decade,” leftist New Democratic Party candidate Andrew Thomson told a press conference in Ottawa.

“Ten years of job losses, continued crumbling of infrastructure, tax breaks for the wealthy and a situation where the middle class continues to struggle to get ahead, 150 billion dollars in new debt and two recessions — people are telling us they have had enough.”

Thomson — whose critiques were echoed by the Liberals — said the Conservatives’ stewardship of the economy has been a failure.

“We need to bring change to Ottawa,” he said.

Harper has insisted that, oil aside, the rest of the economy is doing well, although the figures point to broad declines in a third of sectors.

At a steel plant in Hamilton, Ontario, he urged voters to support his party’s leadership, saying he had “the proven experience to keep us safe and keep our economy moving forward.”

– Business investment down –

In the second quarter, business outlays for machinery and equipment, communications and audio and video equipment, furniture, fixtures and prefabricated structures, and intellectual property products fell.

New housing construction decreased, but this was mitigated by an increase in renovations and strong resale activity, according to Statistics Canada.

Canadians also bought more cars and trucks, insurance and financial services, as well as food, beverages and accommodation services in the period.

Overall, exports edged up 0.1 percent after decreasing 0.3 percent in the first quarter. Imports declined 0.4 percent.

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