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Satan’s Altar Call: Satanists plan rally in support of Florida Gov. Rick Scott

by on Jan.15, 2013, under Uncategorized

By CHRISTINA NG (@ChristinaNg27)

The Satanic Temple is planning its first major rally, which will be held in support of Florida Gov. Rick Scott later this month for — which might sound ironic — signing a bill that allows for the possibility of prayer in public schools.

The religion’s founder Neil Bricke, who is based in New York, is expected to speak at the rally. The group also hopes to open a temple in New York in the next few months.

It may be telling that the Satanic temple will be located in New York and the group’s first rally, scheduled for Jan. 25, will be held in Florida.

“New York is a pretty good place for Satanism. Florida is too,” said Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves.

The Florida bill that has delighted the Satanists is Senate Bill 98 and gives students “sole discretion in determining whether an inspirational message is to be delivered” at a student assembly. The bill prohibits school officials from participating in or influencing whether an inspirational message will be delivered.

Satanists feel that the policy “does a lot to support religious diversity,” according to Greaves.

“The Satanic Temple embraces the free expression of religion, and Satanists are happy to show their support of Rick Scott who — particularly with SB 98 — has reaffirmed our American freedom to practice our faith openly, allowing our Satanic children the freedom to pray in school,” the Temple said in a release announcing the rally.

Greaves said that Satanism is an “unjustly maligned” religion.

“I think that Satanism is the very definition of a marginalized or misunderstood religion,” Greaves told ABCNews.com. “People don’t think of Satanism as being a compassion-based religion in the least, and they usually associate it with anti-human behavior.”

Members of the religion believe that Satan “has the compassion and wisdom of an angel,” according to the religion’s website. They believe that God is perfect and outside the sphere of the physical, so Satan presides over the universe as his “proxy.”

This is the religion’s first major rally and Greaves said that while many followers have expressed online interest in attending, he does not know how many will be at the rally. He also does not know the exact number of followers the religion has, but says it is in the “thousands” based on online activity from around the world.

The Satanic Temple formed in 2012. When their building opens in New York, Greaves said, “We would be the only real, active Satanic church that actually holds public services.”

Scott’s office did not respond to request for comment.

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Female Bishop Defends Fellow Consecrationgate Leader After Scandalous Controversial Video

by on Jan.09, 2013, under African-American Community, General, Leadership, Protecting the lambs, Religious Cults

Consecrationgate: A religious ceremonial scandal in which an attempt to perform sexual acts during a consecration of bishops (at the Greater Faith International Ministries church in Detroit, MI) led to the denial, shame, and coverup of actions by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson

By GCMWatch.com

After sharp controversy over a rather strange consecration practice performed by Detroit Bishop Wayne T. Jackson became public, another Detroit bishop is sort of coming to his defense. See our story here. Calling the consecration of bishops “pageantry”, Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn, who admittedly refused to allow it (full body covering) performed on her, is now defending the practice. From a public notice posted on her Facebook page:

“I will attempt to help some of you understand this procedure. Because the Episcopacy has been so cheapened and people are BUYING the bishopric, true pageantry has been lost and most of you who are watching and talking have NEVER attended a REAL “Consecration” service. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is a MAN OF GOD! You don’t have to understand this type of “investiture” for the new bishops, but you have NO RIGHT to make it ungodly, or unholy; or give reason to make Bishop Jackson unclean or give rise to rumors or suspicion.

In the INVESTITURE Service of the Bishop, there is a “transference of spirit” from the leader to the bishop-ordinates and this is done in many different ways, depending on the reformation. Some reformations POUR a bottle of oil on you, others LAY HANDS, while in Bishop Jackson’s Reformation, he has decided to lay on his protegees (which was done to him during his consecration service) and wrap in the holy garment. This only symbolizes the death of the new bishop to his/her ways, ambitions, and appetites in order to take on the NEW ADMINISTRATION of become the Bishop in the Lord’s Church.

This is the beginning of the INVESTITURE portion of the Consecration Service, then the NEW GARMENTS are placed on you, and you are given your new orders from the Chief Prelate.

This is an ‘old’ liturgy, and although not ALL bishops are elevated through this particular liturgy, the Chief Prelate gets to make the call, and depending on how they were elevated into the BISHOPRIC, is usually what they duplicate.

I don’t know if Bishop Jackson’s Consecration service is available, but if you were to see how he was ordained you would understand what is happening on this video. PLEASE do not disrespect the procedure or this Man of God; nor the men who received this new level of leadership. Pageantry is honorable!”

In response to later questions, Vaughn admitted the practice was controversial.

“When I was consecrated as a Bishop (this is controversial too) My Chief Presider did NOT lay on me! I was asked if that’s the format I wanted and I said NO. Obviously these men agreed and said yes. Its their experience and their elevation. I have NOTHING to say about it being right or wrong.” (caps, hers)

Vaughn called full body covering an “ancient rite” but could not provide any evidence of its origins, practitioners (outside of Jackson’s “reformation”) or if such an “ancient rite” was sanctioned by scripture.

Problems with the practice of full body covering:
1. There is no biblical justification for full body covering.
2. If the consecration of Christian bishops is merely pageantry then all of the symbolism (including “transference of spirits”) is meaningless and thus completely unnecessary.
3. If the practice cannot be universally applied to male and female candidates for bishops, it should have no relevance to either if male and female bishops are seen as equals. Vaughn’s rejection of the practice for herself indicates the lack of holiness ascribed to it.
4. The only sanctioned ordinance signifying death and burial with Christ is baptism, not consecration.
5. Because the service is labeled as sacred and holy, its holiness and sacredness must be derived from the scripture and not the subjectivity of man, thus rendering it unholy.
6. A connecting issue of spiritual untouchable status. Questioning unproven and unsanctioned practices that have been threaded into traditional church ceremonies is healthy and should remain a vital part of keeping the body free of unbiblical practices.
7. Vaughn argues that the episcopacy has been so cheapened, “true pageantry” has been lost. But its actually the opposite. It is the fluffy pomp and circumstance that has cheapened the bishopric. The glamorization contests have significantly reduced the ceremonies to cheap displays of man’s fragile ego, not the true nature of a servant of Christ.

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Strange Fruit: Bishop Fires Back At his Accusers over His Strange Consecration Video

by on Jan.08, 2013, under Uncategorized

Hours after truth websites such as Ex-Ministries and blog sites posted a viral youtube video of Mega Church Bishop preforming and engaging what is said to be sexual perversion with two of his staff during a consecration of bishops ceremony at his church, Bishop Wayne T Jackson of Greater Faith International Ministries decided to lash back in his defense of the video. On his Facebook Fan page, Bishop Jackson wrote a comment in regards of the video without providing any explanation or reason why the ritual was held or done in such a way. Below are the comments from his facebook fan page:

“I just want to say thank you for all your feedback on my page. It is really interesting that some people can take a video such as this so out of context. I am not here on Facebook or anywhere else to debate the Word or to debate with man/woman. The Word does state “You will know them by their fruits Matthew 7:16.. This is absolutely demonic and a waste of time for us to be engaged in a debate in this. God Bless!!” – Bishop Wayne T. Jackson

The video shows where two of his ordained bishops were to lie face down on the carpet in the sanctuary of the church, covered up in a white sheet, and the bishop laid on top of their bodies, engaging in what was to be sexual acts.

Thieves in the Temple: Bishop lies on top of men… by Exposeu

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Satan’s Altar Call: Bishop lies on top of men during (ritual) consecration ceremony

by on Jan.08, 2013, under African-American Community, General, Leadership, Protecting the lambs, Religious Cults

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Greater Faith International Ministries (greatfaithondemand.com)performs a consecration which appears to be a roman catholic ritual. (Lev. 18:22) This is a death ritual and has no place in the church. The men that endured this for positions are on their way to closing a blind eye to all kinds of non biblical things in the future. This is how the church has become so carnal and full of apostasy, because the “leaders” do things that are against scripture and men follow them for the sake of positions, titles, and the approval of others. Psalms 12:8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

Thieves in the Temple: Bishop lies on top of men… by Exposeu

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