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Planned Parenthood Kills 2 in Chicago

by on Jul.26, 2012, under Leadership


The family of Tonya Reaves, 24, is demanding answers after she died suddenly after an abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood
Ms Reaves died Friday night of a hemorrhage, the medical examiner said, with complications from the procedure as well as the pregnancy itself as a contributing factor.

Her death was ruled as an accident, but her twin sister and her family want to know how this tragedy happened.
‘It happened so fast. She was just fine one day and then the next day she was gone,’ Toni Reaves said of her sister’s passing to CBS.
Ms Reaves left behind her one-year-old son Alvin as well as her fiance.
‘We’re just trying to figure out what happened… what happened,’ Toni Reaves said.
Ms Reaves underwent a cervical dilation and evacuation procedure at the Planned Parenthood at 18 South Michigan Avenue, according to the Medical Examiner’s office.
A dilation and evacuation procedure usually takes place during the second trimester of a pregnancy and involves the removal of tissue from the uterus using various devices.
Planned Parenthood has issued their sincerest condolences to the family, but have declined to offer more information out of respect for the patient’s privacy.
‘We were shocked and saddened upon learning of a tragic development at a nearby hospital,’ Planned Parenthood of Illinois CEO Carole Brite.
‘While legal abortion services in the United States have a very high safety record, a tragedy such as this is devastating to loved ones and we offer our deepest sympathies.’

It is unclear if she passed at the Planned Parenthood during the procedure, or afterwards at a local hospital.
‘Planned Parenthood of Illinois cares deeply about the health and safety of each and every patient. We do not publicly discuss private patient matters and we follow HIPAA laws that forbid the disclosure of patient information.’
Less than 0.3 percent of abortion patients experience complications that require hospitalization, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion rights group, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Pro-life organizations are using this incident to put the blame on the clinics.
‘Abortion deaths like this are completely avoidable,’ said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation, in a statement Sunday to the Christian Post.
‘When a woman bleeds to death after an abortion, it is usually an indication of error on the part of the abortionist coupled with a delay in calling for emergency assistance,’
‘In light of this tragedy (Tonya Reaves), which is yet another in a long list of Planned Parenthood abuses, we call on President Obama to immediately withdraw all Federal funding and personal support from Planned Parenthood.’
The Reaves family could not be reached for further comment on their loved-ones death in relation to a political agenda.
‘We were born the same day. She was my other half,’ Toni Reaves said.

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