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A Vision for African Americans – Excerpt from the book Prepare For the Winds of Change By: Nita Johnson

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~A Vision for African Americans~

As she gazed intently at the sight before her, she saw a black man in his late 20’s standing by a railway blowing a trumpet. The train looked typical to the 1930’s and was full of black passengers. The young trumpeter was wearing sun glasses and light weight clothes as though prepared for a warm summer’s day.

“Be not enslaved to the things in the yesteryear. Put on a new robe – walk in a new light. I go before you to prepare the way. Look not to the left or the right. Keep your eyes blinded to the things the world offers. Keep your eyes on the Giver of life and light, and all you need to be restored and satisfied will be yours. For I am coming soon for a holy people, a people set apart from the world. How do you expect to take part in the things I’ve prepared for you if you have one foot in the things of yesteryear, with the other foot in the world today?” Cried the Spirit of the Lord.

This was given to my dear friend, Bonnie Daughenbaugh, in a vision in the middle of the night.

A warning for African Americans: I saw two men raised up as what looked like Islamic leaders. They had signs and wonders operating through them, particularly in the area of healings; although these were not divine healings. They incited hatred against the white race and promised healing for the African American.

I was given the ability to see their hearts. Their true interest was the wealth of the black man. After healings would be manifested, they would take up offerings. Their followers would fill the bucket with their hard-earned income.

God through Jesus Christ is the only answer to all people everywhere. He will liberate those who are of a willing heart. But all alike must forget the ways of yesterday and move forward.

There is going to be an unprecedented move among both Native Americans (Indians) and African Americans by the Holy Spirit in evangelism and healing of these two nations. But to be a part of it, they must turn from their ways of yesterday and take on the restorative power of Jesus. Forgive and seek victory through love and the power of the Lord’s cross.

If something isn’t done quickly, there is going to be a major uprising from within the black community. I saw this in 1990. It was shortly thereafter fulfilled. However, it will be repeated if there are not dramatic changes. The power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in its purity and without segregation, is the only answer.

One might argue, as many have, “Since I didn’t cause the problems for these or any other race, I won’t take the emotional responsibility for their reversal,” To that sincere statement, I’d like to offer the following!

Imagine, if you will, that your great grandfather captured a young eaglet and put it into a cage. His desire was to have the magnificent beauty of this bird in his living room, not knowing that eagles, although one of the cleanest and most majestic birds in their natural environment, are one of the dirtiest in captivity.

Soon, after, your great grandfather passed away, leaving the eagle to your grandfather. Likewise, your grandfather passed away, leaving the mature eagle to your father.

Before long you marry, and your father decides he no longer wants this messy bird, so he gives it to you. A short time later, when walking through your living room, you pass by the eagle and for the first time, notice its condition. It looks as if it is dying of sadness. Deep in your heart you know its only hope is freedom.

You didn’t put the eagle into captivity, but the question now remains, “Will you enter into its pain, identify with its plight, and set it free?”

Will you? Can we not all see the various races of humanity, not the least of which are the Native- and African-Americans, which are in generational captivity, as we see this eagle to be? Seeing their captivity, will we enter into their pain, identify with them in their battle, and walk with them as a brother, working together until we see the chains of imprisonment bliterated? If we will, we can hope to help the wounded! ~

African American Community

African American Community

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Endtimes: Gorbachev warns of military conflict between Russia, West

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Nuclear Fallout

Nuclear Fallout

-AP Wire Services-
By The Associated Press
January 29, 2015 5:52 am

MOSCOW (AP) — Ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev says the confrontation between Russia and the West could spill into all-out war.

More than 5,100 people have been killed in a bloody conflict in eastern Ukraine between government troops and pro-Russian separatists. Ukraine accuses Russia of aiding the separatists while Russia says the West is behind Ukraine’s attempts to retake the rebel-held areas.

Gorbachev, in comments to the Interfax news agency, said Thursday the West has “dragged” Russia into a new Cold War and warned of risks of a military confrontation:

“I can no longer say that this Cold War will not lead to a ‘Hot War.’ I fear that they could risk it,” he was quoted as saying.

Gorbachev was one of the architects of the peaceful dismantling of communist rule in eastern Europe.

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In Memoriam: Andrae Crouch (1942 – 2015)

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Andrae Crouch (1942 - 2015)

Andrae Crouch (1942 – 2015)

Andraé Crouch, a gospel musician who bridged the worlds of church and mainstream music for more than 50 years, died Thursday afternoon. The 72-year-old singer, songwriter and choir director had been hospitalized since Saturday at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in the Los Angeles area after suffering a heart attack.

Crouch, sometimes called “the father of modern gospel music,” led the choirs that sang on such hits as Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror and Madonna’s Like a Prayer. As a songwriter, he wrote several gospel favorites, most notably The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, My Tribute (To God Be the Glory) and Soon and Very Soon, a song sung at Jackson’s public memorial service.

A San Francisco native who grew up in the Church of God in Christ, Crouch wrote his first gospel tune at age 14. By 1960, he had formed the Church of God in Christ Singers, a group that featured Billy Preston on keyboards.

He started another group, Andraé Crouch & the Disciples, in 1965, eventually signing to a contemporary Christian label, Light Records. Crouch brought a contemporary pop and R&B melodic sensibility to gospel, making him uniquely suited to appeal to both black and white audiences during the early days of the countercultural “Jesus movement” and also bringing him attention beyond the church.

Elvis Presley recorded Crouch’s I’ve Got Confidence for his 1972 gospel album He Touched Me, and Paul Simon recorded his Jesus Is the Answer on 1974’s Paul Simon in Concert: Live Rhymin’. Crouch also became the go-to vocal arranger for Los Angeles recording sessions that needed a gospel sound, working not only with Jackson and Madonna but also Elton John, Quincy Jones, The Commodores, Diana Ross and Ringo Starr.

Crouch’s gospel albums often featured guests from the R&B and jazz worlds, including Stevie Wonder, El DeBarge, Wilton Felder and Earth, Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey. Chaka Khan, Sheila E. and vocal group Take 6 appeared on his most recent album, 2011’s The Journey.

His recordings brought him seven Grammys, and Crouch also received an Academy Award nomination for his arranging work on the 1985 film The Color Purple.

Throughout his life, Crouch struggled with dyslexia, sometimes memorizing words by the shapes of their combination of letters. He often drew simple pictures to help him comprehend words and write songs.

Crouch’s sister, Sandra Crouch, served as his spokeswoman, and the siblings were pastors at the New Christ Memorial Church in San Fernando, Calif., carrying on a work begun by their parents.

Crouch survived multiple bouts with cancer and also suffered from diabetes. In early December, Crouch was hospitalized with pneumonia and congestive heart failure, forcing the cancelation of his Let the Church Say Amen Celebration tour, which had been scheduled to begin Dec. 6 in Philadelphia. He was re-admitted to the hospital Saturday with what his sister characterized in a statement as “serious health complications.”

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